Welcome to Courage of Northeast Florida

Who are we?

Courage is a spiritual support group for men and women who are struggling with same-sex attractions and who desire to live a chaste life in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church. It was founded in 1980 by Fr. John Harvey, OSFS, with the approval and support of the late Cardinal Cooke of the Archdiocese of New York. Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Canada, London, Ireland, and the Philippines have also given their support to the Courage program. During the past few years, Courage is making inroads in the state of Florida. In August 1999 Bishop John J. Snyder, D.D. of the Diocese of St. Augustine officially approved the forming of a Courage chapter.

How does Courage serve those who struggle with homosexual feelings?

Courage attempts to help Catholic homosexual men and women to practice interior chastity. That is, it does more than simply avoiding the external occasions of sin. It helps the person to look deeper in his or herself. Courage does this by helping the members of the group to develop a life of prayer as the most effective way of being chaste.